Top 6 Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

Spoon carving can be a headache. It takes lots of time, effort, and the right tool. Otherwise, the result will be less than decent.

You don’t have to worry, though. Here we have the best hook knife for spoon carving – the ideal tool to carve wood out in the most effective way possible to make anything that looks like a spoon or bowl.

But it’s not that easy really. You’ll have to know what you’re really looking for to get the best hook knife out there.

To make it easy when looking for the ideal product, we’ve arranged a list of 10 reviews with everything you need to know about each.

Want to know more about them and get the product you’re looking for? Then keep scrolling down, and you’ll learn!

What Is Spoon Carving?

Carving a spoon is literally using a wood carving knife to shape a log or plank, so it ends up looking like a spoon.

That’s what spoon carving is all about, to create spoons from wood. And it’s a fantastic activity to spend some free time doing something exciting and productive.

With so many people starting to use wooden utensils nowadays, a hook knife can actually be a valuable addition to your toolbox. But surely, you’ll need to know more to make it happen.

What Tools Do I Need to Carve A Spoon?

Yes, a hook knife is one of the few tools that you can use to produce a spoon. But there are a few other spoon carving tools that you can use to create similar pieces. Here we talk about some of them:

  • Chisel : You will undoubtedly need a chisel at first. Carving a raw log or timber with a hook knife can be a long journey to reach a spoon. So, you’ll need to something more practical that gets through more wood.
  • Saw : A raw plank or a log will surely need some trimming first. And for that, you’ll need to use a saw or something similar to cut through wood. No chisel or carving knife will do this.
  • Carving Knife : Here’s where a hook knife enters into play. But not only one of those as you’ll also a straight or roughing carving knife that you can use for some details and small parts. With one of each, you’ll have a better spoon in the end.
  • Sandpaper : You finished the spoon, but it feels rough and grainy – what do you do? Of course, you’ll have to sand it after. And that’s why you need a sandpaper sheet or a sander to achieve a smooth & comfy spoon to handle.

Top 6 Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

Without going into more details, now it’s time to review the 6 best hook knives you’ll find for carving spoons and other utensils. Want to know more about each? Then read them here:

1.BeaverCraft Basic Crooked Wood Carving Hook Knife

When it comes to carving spoons, simplicity sometimes does the job better than any complex product. And with the BeaverCraft Basic Crooked hook – you’ll get the simplest but most useful tool.

Whether it is carving a spoon, a bowl, a cup, or anything that needs to dig through the wood – this crooked knife will fit perfectly for your needs.

You’ll achieve exceptional detail without losing the ability to get rid of large chunks without damaging the piece. Each cut will be accurate and each carving completely smooth.

This happens because it has a carbon steel blade that provides superior quality. Each cut gets rid of the ideal amount and never chips in the process. So, you can expect exceptional results for years.

You can even cut hardwoods such as pine, hickory, walnut, or oak. This way, you can create pretty long-lasting wooden products without making much of an effort.

Especially with its ergonomic wood handle, you can use this knife without having any complaint. If you suffer from hand pain or similar issues, then using this magnificent carving knife will be your best idea.

Highlighted Features:

• Its superb carbon steel blade lasts a lifetime
• The basic crooked design delivers exceptionally precise cuts
• It is very strong and sharp making it perfect for hardwoods
• The wooden handle provides comfort & pain-free carving

2.BeaverCraft Double-Crooked Wood Carving Hook Knife

Another wonder from BeaverCraft, but this time it’s not a simple hook knife– but a Double-Crooked model. It will help you achieve the same kind of results, but with an improvement in effectiveness.

This double-crooked design allows you to achieve much faster carving results. Its rounded blade helps to both get rid of more wood in the piece but also detail effortlessly when needed. You’ll simply have a tool that carves more efficiently, more effectively, and quicker than a basic model.

The blade comes with a high-quality carbon steel build; it makes carving a piece of cake for the sharpness it delivers. But it is the superb durability and strength that stand out the most – making it a super reliable tool to have.

You’ll be able to cut through any softwood smoothly. For hardwoods, the process won’t be as easy, but it will still deliver an effective outcome – saving you time and effort that other models do not.

And it all happens because the blade complements perfectly the comfort the handle offers. Made completely of oak wood, this handle helps to carve wood without fatiguing even a little.

Put it all together, and this hook knife is easily among the best ever made – so it’s undoubtedly an option you shouldn’t ignore.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with an oak handle that feels amazing when using
  • The carbon steel hook blade is durable, sturdy and sharp
  • It cuts through softwoods and hardwoods without problems
  • The double-crooked blade design helps to get through more wood

3.Mountain Elk Products Crooked Wood Carving Hook Knife

One of the best brands that most people tend to overlook when it comes to wooden tools is Mountain Elk Products. And with this Crooked Hook Knife, it’s making it clear that they have a lot to offer.

This is carbon stainless steel knife that cuts through the wood in the smoothest way you can think of. And it’s entirely rust and corrosion resistant, so you can expect it to last a lifetime without issues.

What really makes this blade so fantastic is the sharpness it offers, honed to produce the perfect cuts every time. Hollowing wood with this tool is a total piece of cake.

And this also falls on the ability from the handle to produce a comfortable carving experience. With its wooden and smooth construction, you can work cosily every time without losing any grip or strength when carving. This way, you can achieve high precision but also effective cuts at all times.

The single edge on the blade helps to achieve this more easily. You won’t have to be careful when using, just learn one carving motion, and this knife will not disappoint you.

This tool will last several years, providing the wood-cutting experience you want. You can use it on any sort of wood, and it will perform perfectly well. And on top of all that, it’s completely affordable.

Highlighted Features

  • The stainless-steel blade never rusts or corrodes
  • Its superb sharp edge delivers smooth & precise cuts every time
  • The high-quality wooden handle feels safe and comfortable to use
  • It comes at a meager price despite its first-rate quality

4.Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife

Some tools don’t need to look like high-end products to provide the most satisfying experience. That’s precisely what you get with the Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife, the chance of getting a simple but surprisingly useful tool.

Whatever you want to make that demands hollow cuts, you can use this knife and never get disappointed. And it all starts with the single-edge blade that helps to cut through the wood using a simple carving motion.

To cut wood so effectively, this knife uses Swedish 12C27 stainless steel, one of the best for carving due to the sharpness it achieves and how long it lasts. Of course, this comes with a rust and corrosion resistant ability.

The knife is still pretty comfortable to use, helping you achieve significant cuts without having to make much of an effort. Its smooth handle feels as soft as velvet on your hands, with a sturdy birchwood construction that stands decades of use without problems.

From the last edge of the blade to the last grain of the wood in the handle, this Swedish hook knife is proof that humble products can actually provide unbeatable results.

Highlighted Features

  • Straightforward handle design offers the utmost ergonomic feel
  • It helps to achieve great results with Swedish stainless steel
  • Birchwood handle and steel blade deliver superb durability
  • The crooked blade shape cuts through wood like no other

5.BeaverCraft Hook Knife Spoon Carving Tool

We couldn’t finish this list without reviewing yet another spoon carving knife from BeaverCraft. This kuksa carving tool makes hollow cuts so effectively that you won’t believe it.

You can cut through soft or hardwoods without problems. And it’s all because the blade edge is made of the highest-quality carbon steel out there, providing a magnificent sharpness that cuts timber like butter.

The hook design is designed to increase the capacity of each cut. This way, you can get larger chunks of woods without having to worry about precision or effectiveness. Grainy or splinters will be a thing of the past with this neatly made hook blade.

And it all gets better when you include the ergonomic handle made of oak wood with some linseed oil coating. This will help you feel a softer handle that also achieves excellent grip so you can carve pretty quickly.

Add it all together, and this hook knife will make your carving experience a total pleasure. Smooth to the feel, soft when cutting, and beautiful for its design and the results it offers – this is a product you’ll want to think about when buying.

Highlighted Features

  • Top-notch blade shape helps to get through wood slickly
  • Comes with a gorgeous but also soft handle design
  • Its high-quality carbon steel lasts decades
  • Flawless edge sharpness cuts wood like butter

6.STAMESKY Wood Carving Spoon Hook Knife

Sometimes there’s no need for the most extravagant carving tool when you can get a straightforward but effect spoon knife like the Stamesky.
This is among the less popular options, but not because it is not worth it – but because it is so amazing that people just don’t believe it.

Yes, this hook knife carves wood so quickly that even the most experienced carver will think it’s not possible. It all happens with its carbon steel blade with a double edge, ideal for getting those chunks of wood in a matter of seconds without much of an effort.

You’ll be able to go through any type of wood still, whether it is oak, walnut, hickory or the softest like pine, cedar or redwood – this spoon knife will work like a gem.

But all this comes at the expense of eco-friendly construction. Despite its extra-long 12-inches design, the handle comes with oak and a linseed oil coating, making it look fantastic but also respecting the environment in the process.

Whatever you could expect from a high-quality carving knife, this one has it all.

Highlighted Features

  • It offers extra cutting capacity with its double-edged blade
  • The high-quality carbon steel build lasts for several years
  • Its oak with linseed oil handle provides excellent comfort & looks
  • Ideal blade shape aids in cutting large chunks smoothly

How to Choose the Best One

Everyone wants the best spoon carving knife, but few really know that getting such a product means knowing all about it. That’s why you should take into account the following info when picking the right spoon-carving hook:

Blade Shape

The first thing to ponder about is the blade or hook shape. While it will undoubtedly be a hook in any of your options, it should be the right kind of hook.

We recommend hooks with a lower radius but not that low. Or to make it easier to understand, you should go for hooks that are circular enough.

Hook shapes with deep radiuses that cut large chunks of wood are usually easier to use and much more effective than the ones with a large radius. Getting the right hook shape can change the whole experience.

Single or Double Edge

The other factor of hooks that you should put into consideration is the type of blade it offers.

Some of them are single-edge, which means they only cut from one side. They are easier to use and usually help to produce more precise cuts. But they lack some versatility.

A double-edged blade cuts from two different sides, so you can cut more rapidly and effectively. The only problem is that you may lose precision in the process.

Both are excellent for their respective uses, so choose accordingly.

Handle & Blade Materials

Most blades come with a carbon steel construction. That’s probably the best material you can go for without spending a fortune. The stainless models are often the most reliable, keeping the hook free of rust and corrosion for years.

As for the handle, we recommend hardwoods such as oak or maple. That will ensure a much more durable product but also a gorgeous look. And if you can go for wooden handles with oil coatings like linseed, they will look even better and deliver a magnificently soft experience.


Tips on Using Your Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

Many people think carving stuff is easy – but it’s not. If you are starting in the craft, you may want to know some expert tips. Here are a few:

  • Always start carving spoons by beginning with the spoon itself. Let the handle for later; just focus first on the hollow part. Once the hollow portion is perfect, you can proceed to carve the handle.
  • You’ll always need other tools for carving your spoons, such as a chisel, a straight carving knife, a saw for cutting, and a sandpaper sheet.
  • Try to get rid of even the smallest grain or splinter when carving. This demands a lot of time and effort, but it will help you make a perfect spoon. Otherwise, you will end up with food stuck inside the spoon.

Follow these three tips, and you’ll have an easier time producing a flawless spoon. So, start now!


Getting the best hook knife for spoon carving won’t be easy – but with our advice and reviews, it is not that hard.

Just make sure to follow everything we say here as well as our opinion about each product. This will help you pick the ideal option for you. Just don’t hesitate to get one of these – it will completely change your wood-carving experience. So, choose a hook knife now!

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