Top 10 Best Wood Carving Tools for Beginners

Whether you want to use them as a hobby or to simply start learning such a fun activity, having the best wood carving tools will help you a lot.

We always want the highest-quality products possible – and when it comes to carving – quality means results.

As a beginner, you’ll also want something reliable but also decently affordable, so we focused precisely on that.

Here, we want to show you now only the cheapest options that you can get as a beginner, but also some of the most dependable wood carving tools that will never let you down. Scroll down and learn more!

Why Get One?

A wood carving kit will help you give shape to pieces of wood similarly to the way a chisel does. But one of these kits have one advantage that you won’t get with chisels or any other tool – they are uniquely designed to work with wood.

This means that a carving set stands out in versatility, ease of use, and overall handiness. But what really sets it apart from its alternatives is the carving blade that gets through wood better than any other option.

So, why get the best carving kit for a beginner? Well, simply because you’ll want something that helps you give shape to that expert carver – and that’s only possible with the right set.

Top 10 Best Wood Carving Tools

There are hundreds if not thousands of possibilities in the market, but only a minimum few will really be worth your money. That’s why we came with a wood carving tools review so you could learn about the best options out there. Here are the ten options you should consider:

1.Gimars Wax & Wood Carving Set

Getting a set of 12 different carving knives is the fastest way to learn and become an expert. Why? Because you’ll have more options and a broader array of tools to work with, so you get more experience in the long run.

But this set is not only big with its 12 knives, but it also comes with a superb SK5 carbon steel construction with electrolytic coating and sharp edges – carving will be a piece of cake.

This gets even better with the robust wooden handles, tightly put together with the blades for a superb experience at all times.

The best of all is that the twelve knives are all different, with a deep gouge, a shallow gouge, a medium gouge, a narrow straight chisel, a rounded chisel, a wide straight chisel, and four angled knives plus a parting tool and a pinpoint tool. With this set, you can easily do whatever you want.


  • It comes with 12 knives for a more versatile experience
  • The KS5 carbon steel is sturdy & durable
  • Its grip-oriented wooden handles are amazing


  • The sharp edges don’t last long
  • There’s a limit to the level of sharpness you can get

2.Mudder Wood Handle Carving Chisels Tools

If you want something rough-looking, beautiful and still pretty useful to get that wood out of your pieces, then the Mudder Wood Handle chisels are the ones to go for.

They are ideal for anyone who wants to carve some wood. But beginners will get the most out of them as you’ll have a large set of 12 tools that you can use for any purpose. Whether it is cork, clay, wood or anything that’s not too hard and not too soft – these will work like a gem.

You will even get 4 whetstones so you can polish the tools whenever you need to achieve better results. And it all comes with an EVA plastic case that makes it easy to store and bring around.

Let’s not forget it is the fantastic wood handle that adds such a great appearance to the chisels, but also a comfortable experience that won’t let you down.


  • The rough wooden handles look gorgeous
  • You get 4 whetstones and a storage case for handiness
  • The 12 different chisels help to achieve all kinds of results


  • The storage case is pretty small, so you may not be able to fit them all in
  • They may not work with hardwoods

3.SCHAAF Full Size Wood Carving Tools

Simple but beautiful, sturdy but delicate, and versatile but pretty robust – that’s how you can define the Schaaf full-size set of wood-carving tools.

They come with a superb construction with chromium vanadium steel, ideal for lasting a lifetime of shaping wood without problems. But the real advantage comes from the Rockwell C60 blades, the sharper and most reliable edges you’ll find.

The blades are still exquisite in terms of looks, boasting a European style that puts any other design into shame. And to complement each blade, you get 5.5-inches handles that are not only grip-oriented but also pleasing to the eye.

Every blade comes with its own design, so you can learn to do all kinds of carving without issues. And if you follow the instructions & ideas in the extra eBook that comes with the set – you’ll become an expert in no time.


  • Unbeatable chromium vanadium steel build
  • The square shapes of the blades help to reach easy carving
  • High-quality wooden handles are comfort & grip-oriented


  • You will need to sharpen each tool before using
  • Light wooden colors in the handle may stain fast

4.MAMAR Pine Wood Carving Whittling Kit

Going for a cheaply made carving set is what everyone wants to avoid. And to do so, you won’t find any better option than the MAMAR Pine Wood Whittling Kit.

Seriously, there’s nothing about this set that you won’t like – starting from the SK10 carbon steel construction that makes it outstandingly easy to get through the wood.

But not only that, but each blade is also easy to sharpen and achieve superb edges. And with the electrolytic coated handle made of solid wood, there’s nothing about this set that won’t surprise you.

The 12-tool kit comes with everything from a whittling knife to a wood-carving knife and three pieces of pine wood that will help you start carving your path to becoming an expert.

Each tool is light, easy to use, comfortable, and cuts through wood amazingly easy – if that’s what you want, then this set is an option you shouldn’t ignore.


  • The SK10 carbon steel build is outstandingly durable
  • Wood handles look and feel amazing
  • Extra pieces of Pine Wood help beginners to start


  • The blades need a lot of sharpening before using
  • The material may start rusting after a few months of use

5.Mikisyo Power Grip Carving Tools

The smallest set in the whole list, but the best power carving tools you’ll find – the Power Grip from Mikisyo will make your carving experience much better.

It all starts with the shape of the handle, aiding in achieving a much stronger grip without losing flexibility in the process. You’ll make the best carves without problems, especially with the 4.5-inches handles that you can use like pencils for unbeatable precision.

All the blades come with a laminated steel material of 1.25-inches each – ideal for making small and large carvings in all kinds of wood pieces.

The blade material is durable, and the wooden handles will stand all kinds of use for decades. Apart from all that, you get every single useful piece such as a 3mm and a 6mm gouge, a 7.5mm skew chisel, a 4.5mm parting tool, and a 7.5mm straight chisel – so you can do any kind of design effortlessly.


  • The small design helps to achieve immense precision
  • They come with a robust & durable handle & blade build
  • A small case helps to store the 5 chisels with ease


  • The tiny models may not be easy for beginners to learn with
  • Laminated material may chip over time

6.Adevena Sculpting Knife Kit for Beginners

If it comes to quality builds, no brand delivers such a fantastic experience as Adevena does, and with this Sculpting Knife kit with 12 tools, you can achieve exceptional results.

It is perfect for those beginners who want to start small projects with clay, soapstone, and soft woods. Each tool comes with a strong and sharp SK2 carbon steel blade along with electrolytic coating that makes each cut count.

The size is perfect for all kinds of people, from adults to children so any person can learn how to carve with no effort whatsoever.

The handle is amazingly comfortable to use at 4.5-inches, so you can enjoy easy carving without losing control or grip in the process. And of course, the wood and blade are tightly put together so you can enjoy a very sturdy set in every use.


  • Useful for all kinds of projects with 12 tools
  • High-quality carbon steel construction for durability
  • Additional storage case allows easy & safe transport


  • Not helpful for carving hardwoods
  • The blades can break if you are not careful

7.Delicacy Professional Carbon Steel Carving Chisels

If you’re looking for professional wood carving tools, then the Delicacy set will come like a gem for you. With every knife, chisel a gouge for the most demanding projects, this is a kit you shouldn’t dismiss.

Every beginner needs a complete array of tools to carve through the wood in the easiest way possible. And with this set, you’ll get precisely that – so you can work in clay, linoleum, softwoods, soapstone and more.

Each piece comes with a sharp edge, polished and with a delicate process that makes each blade amazingly easy to use.

Every handle is made of wood, so you can expect a comfortable and reliable experience while using. And with the superb construction they offer, they will probably last several years before showing any sign of wear.

You’ll get a pinpoint tool, a parting tool, 4 angled knives and chisels, and a polishing stone. They come in different sizes and designs, so anyone from children to older people can use them without problems.


  • Amazingly stylish handles with tons of comfort to offer
  • The blades are excellently made for easy carving
  • The storage case adds tons of convenience to the set


  • It doesn’t come with any gouge
  • They need some sharpening before you use them

8.Chi Yue Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set

When it comes to carving sets for beginners, few options are as exceptionally effective as the Chi Yue professional carving kit. Want to know why? Here’s why.

It all starts with the 12 different tools you get, differing in shape, size, and purpose. You’ll get knives and chisels, so you can achieve a wide array of results without never needing something additional.

The blades are amazingly sharp, so you can cut through wood fast and easy. This happens due to the SK5 carbon steel construction with electrolytic coating, so every edge holds the sharpness for longer than standard models.

You can easily make anything from small models to boxes and animals, especially so when you add the short but comfortable wooden handle for excellent precision.

But what really makes it so effective is the kind of tools you get, including a medium gouge, a shallow gouge, a deep gouge, a narrow straight chisel, a rounded chisel, a wide straight chisel, and 4 angle knives plus a pinpoint and a parting tool.

Everything you need to get comes in one set, which also comes with its useful storage case for easy and safe handling.


  • Wide kit of tools for all kinds of projects & results
  • The SK5 carbon steel build helps to achieve fantastic sturdiness
  • The short but sturdy wooden handles are comfortable to use


  • Can be difficult to sharpen the blades once they get dull
  • The metal may rust quickly if you don’t take care of them

9.ZONMAS Premium Wood Carving Tools Set

There’s no need in choosing the most complex or professional-quality set out there when you can pick a basic wood carving tools kit. And that’s precisely what the Zonmas Premium-Wood set offers.

An excellent feature of this set is the SK2 carbon steel construction, a thick and amazingly well-made material that keeps the blade sharp at all times. And with the electrolytic coating, you can expect the sharpness to last several uses without problems.

The handles help to achieve the results you want, with excellent ergonomics that won’t hurt your hands in any way. With a complete wooden construction, they feel nice on your skin and very light, so you won’t have any problem when using.

But what really makes this set an excellent choice is the array of tools you get. From a narrow straight chisel to a shallow chisel, a medium and a deep chisel, plus 4 angled chisels, and both a parting and a pinpoint tool – everything you need, this set has it.

You’ll have the chance to make anything you want – and it gets even better with the eBook guide it comes for more ideas and projects to learn even more.


  • The SK2 carbon steel blades are durable and hold sharpness well
  • The wooden handles are very comfortable
  • Each tool comes with a protective cap for handiness


  • The blades are not really sharp at first
  • They are not recommended for hardwood carving

10.Flexcut Carving Tools Mixed Profile Micro Tool Set

When it comes to premium-quality sets, you won’t find anything as magnificently well-made as the FlexCut Carving set with Mixed-Profile tools.

It is a fantastic option for anyone who wants the utmost versatility when carving. You’ll be able to make extra-fine details to the largest carvings in small pieces without problems. And it’s all possible with a set comprising a chisel, a sweep, a deep U, a skew, and a 45-degree V-tool, and a 90-degree V-tool.

With six different gouges with 1.5mm in width, working in small projects will be a piece of cake. But it’s all possible only with the high-quality carbon steel set of blades that holds the sharpness through several uses.

With the mixed options and the superb construction, including the soft wooden handles, this tool makes your carving much more efficient and straightforward. If you are someone who likes to focus on details, this kit will come like a gem.

There will be nothing impossible to carve out with this set of five tools. The best of all, you can expect this set to last a lifetime without issues.


  • High-quality carbon steel construction for decades of use
  • Soft & comfortable wooden handle for easy use
  • Varied set of tools helps to achieve better results


  • More expensive than its alternatives
  • Small blades can take a long time with large projects

How to Choose the Best One

If you want the highest quality wood carving tools, then you’ll need to learn about them. Here we go over the various factors you should think about before buying one of these kits:

Types of Carving Tools

There are many types of wood carving tools to consider, so you need to be sure what to go for before getting anything. Here are the four most common types:

  • Carving Knives

When it comes to whittling or chip carving, nothing compares to the ability to carve knives to provide a fantastic result.

They come with a very sharp blade that can go from 1.5 to 4 inches in length depending on your needs. But of course, for beginners, we recommend 2-inches if you want the best experience.

All carving knives are made with a steel blade and a wooden handle. There may be some alternatives.

  • Carving Gouges

You will find a wide array of gauges, from U-gouges to V-gouges, bowl gouges, firm, straight, and fishtail gouges, plus many more.

They are not like blades with a sharp edge in the tip. Instead, these are shaped in different ways to provide a precise type of carving effect in the wood.

If you have a spoon gouge, for example, it will make it easy to make spoons in wood. A firm gouge makes flat carves, and V-gouges are ideal for getting rid of thick pieces.

Learning how to use gouges is the first step to becoming an expert carver.

  • Chisels

Similarly to gouges, you may find chisels with different shapes too. However, they are like a combination of knives and gouges together, especially useful to cut through hardwoods easily.

When you’re starting a project from scratch, a chisel can be the perfect choice for you. As a beginner, you may not get too much done with one of these if you don’t need to dig too much.

  • V-Tools

Lastly, you’ll find the popular V-tools. You may find these with the same V shape in the blade, but with different angles, so you can achieve all kinds of results.

Most of them go from 30 to 50 degrees angles, ideal for a variety of carving outcomes. They are critical for many projects, so having one of these when starting is always useful.


Then we need to consider the materials of the tools you’re getting. Here are two types to consider:

  • Blade

The blade material is almost always steel. But you’ll find carbon steel, chromium steel, titanium steel, and much more.

Those blades with special coatings tend to be much sharper, easy to use, and effective over time.

  • Handle

Then you need to consider the handle which is commonly made of wood. This way, you can achieve excellent results without having to make much of an effort and still get several years out of the piece.

Light & durable woods are always better for carving tools – but some hefty options can also be useful in chisels.

Comfort & Convenience

One of the aspects many people tend to overlook when getting carving tools is that similarly to getting high-quality materials and the complete set possible, it is also essential to get something that feels and works comfortably.

For that, we recommend choosing the right length and design of tools. Some have a longer handle with a short blade, ideal for achieving superior precision without leaving comfort behind. But others are short in both blades and handles, so you can get the highest accuracy possible when carving.

The same happens with the shape of the handle; some are rough while others are smooth. With a rugged handle, you will probably have better grip, but with a smooth handle, you’ll feel much more comfortable.

Whatever meets your standards, go for that set of tools. You won’t be disappointed as long as it matches your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may think you’re ready to pick the best set of carving tools now, but in reality, there are still a few more things to learn. Here we explain some of them with common questions:

  1. Can I use a beginner wood carving set for hardwoods?

It depends, but you usually can’t. Most beginner kits are often very fragile and tend to bend or lose sharpness quickly with hard materials.

  1. Do I need to do any maintenance to my carving kit?

No, you just need to make sure there’s no sawdust or impurity in the blades, and that’s it.

  1. How many years can I expect a beginner set to last?

They may last decades or just months. It all depends on how much you use them and the quality of the build of each set.

  1. Can I carve large pieces of woods with a beginner kit?

No, most carving sets for beginners are only useful for small projects.

  1. Do I need to have chisels, gouges, and knives in the same set?

Not really, as you can achieve the same results a chisel offers with a knife. But typically, having at least one of each one can be pretty useful.

Tips on Using Your Wood Carving Tools

Even if you have the best wood carving tool for beginners, you’ll need to know how to use it. Otherwise, you’ll have a totally useless piece.

With the following tips, you may learn the basics about using a carving tool as a beginner:

  • Always use the knife, chisel or V-tool with your dominant hand and the wood with the other. If you’re right-handed hold the tool with the right and vice-versa.
  • With the sharpest tools, try always to carve pointing outwards. This means, not carving things pointing to yourself as you could end producing wounds on yourself.
  • If you can do a cut or trimming with a saw, always do it. Don’t use your carving tools for cutting or getting rid of large pieces when you can do the same with a large tool.
  • The V-tools and curved gouges are better for small details. Knives and chisels are better for carving large pieces of woods. Use them all accordingly.


After reading our set of best wood carving tools reviews and having a better idea about what they have to offer – it’s time to focus on getting the right one.

Just make sure you pay attention to your buying advice and read each review carefully. After doing so, you’ll know which set is the best for you.

Carve your way to becoming an expert with one these now!

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